Easter Holidays 2017: Tasty Easter Potato Recipes

Easter Holidays 2017: Tasty Easter Potato Recipes

Enjoy the long Easter weekend with this fantastic selection of delicous potato recipes...

It’s the week of Easter 2017 meaning we all get a long weekend break full of family, food and chocolate! Easter and food go hand-in-hand, not just for the chocolate eggs but for the more symbolic and traditional connections to the Easter weekend. We’ve rounded up some beautiful potato recipes from the potato.ie website so you can make the most of the culinary opportunities the weekend brings us. 

Holy Thursday

The Thursday before Easter known as Holy Thursday (or Maundy Thursday) marks the Last Supper of Christ.

Spring Lamb, Potato and Orange Stew

Kick off your Easter weekend with this fantastically unique lamb stew recipe.This dish is comprised of all the classic stew ingredients such as stock, lovely lamb, baby potatoes and mixed veg but adds a citrus twist with the addition of orange zest. This allows a fresh, original and Springtime flavour to emerge, perfect for the Easter weekend.


Good Friday

It’s tradition for Christians to fast or replace fish for meat on Good Friday. Here's a beautiful fish recipe you can use for the occasion!

Fondant Potato with Poached Salmon and Easy Beurre Blanc

This delicious recipe showcases potato in a fondant form served aside a succulent salmon fillet flavoured with beurre blanc (a delectable creamy butter of French cuisine made up of white wine vinegar and shallots). This method shows you how to carve and cook your spuds in a fancy fondant style and demonstrates how to best season, flavour and accompany this kind of fish dish.

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is a great chance to enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation this Easter weekend, and what better way to start the Easter weekend than with a delicious brunch?

Indian Spiced Potato Rosti, Haddock and Poached Egg Stack 

Indulge yourself with this beautiful potato rosti recipe. A thick base comprised of grated potatoes, carrots, yolk and spring onions props up a delicious mixture of poached egg, haddock and spinach. Curry powder is used in the rosti base bringing a fantastic international influence to this brunch dish, this blends incredibly well with the vibrant haddock flavour and runny yolk. This recipe guides users through the process of making the rosti which you can, of course, go on to use in your own dishes. Simple, easy and delicious!

Easter Sunday

Traditionally, like most Sundays, we dine on a roast dinner. Lamb is especially associated with Easter as it’s the meat most associated with Easter due to its historic links to the Jewish feast of the Passover.

Sweet and Spicy Lamb & Potato Filled with Squash

Here is an awesome alternative to the traditional roast dinner formula for something a little different. This is an impressive, yet surprisingly easy dish to knock up – the squash is stuffed full of lamb, potatoes and an awesome range of flavours including coconut milk, garam masala and spring onions. This unique mixture gives the dish an incredible taste – it takes elements of traditional Irish cuisine and pairs it with a smattering of international influence too.

Easter Monday

The Monday after Easter is an opportune time to relax, and that should be reflected in your cooking schedule too; it doesn’t mean, however, that flavour and quality should suffer. Check out the following ‘leftovers’ recipe to create a delicious meal with ease and speed!

Leftover Lamb Hotpot

This dish is born out of your Sunday lamb leftovers, the meat is deliciously brought back to life in the presence of potatoes and a delectable lamb stock. Follow the set-up closely for the best results, a particularly important aspect is the way in which the recipe is structured; the potatoes cover the stock, veg and lamb in the cooking process which allows the tasty spuds to absorb the fantastic flavours bubbling beneath.  

From all of us here at Potato.IE, have a very Happy Easter! 

There’s not much better out there than a roast potato that strikes the perfect balance between a crispy outside and fluffy, piping hot inside. An essential part of any roast, getting your spuds spot on can make or break the meal so make sure to follow these tips on how to make roast potatoes shine every time.

Who said healthy eating is hard?

Potatoes can be part of your healthful diet plan, especially when eaten with the skin on. They’re a source of fibre and potassium, and are naturally fat free. Indulge guilt-free with these delicious, simple and modern potato recipes featuring important nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.

Potatoes pack quite a nutritional punch!

They are naturally fat-free, a great source of fibre, source of potassium, salt free, low in sugar and naturally saturated-fat free.