Embarrassment about cooking habits leading to culinary cover-ups

Embarrassment about cooking habits leading to culinary cover-ups

New research has shown that busy lifestyles are getting in the way of the healthy diets that Irish people aspire to

In a new piece of research conducted by Bord Bia, results have shown that 34% of Irish adults lie about what they’ve been eating because they are embarrassed about their diet choices.

The research also found that more than a third of people only have 2-4 dishes in their recipe repertoire, limiting their cooking options when entertaining and their confidence in the kitchen, as 67% did not admit that they felt confident cooking for other people.

TV nutritional expert and dietitian, Aoife Hearne, has weighed in on these results, saying that often being time-poor can lead people to go for a convenient quick-fix meal, rather than making something from scratch.

However, being busy doesn’t mean we have to reach for the ready-meals! As we come into summer, a simple wash of new potatoes makes them quick and easy to prepare and cook, which means they can be used to whip up a healthy meal or salad in no time.

To check out a few examples of how potatoes can be used to create speedy, yet fibre and vitamin-rich meals, check out some of the quick and easy recipes available on www.potatoe.ie and have a go tonight!

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Fresh, summery flavours with peas and mint, coupled with the sweetness of the Parma ham make this a great dish for dining al fresco.

  • Prep in: 15 mins
  • Cook in: 15 mins