Gluten-free Goodness: Favourite Food Without Compromise

Gluten-free Goodness: Favourite Food Without Compromise

Bord Bia showcases its gluten-free recipes to highlight versatility to people with special dietary requirements

Pizza, pasta and potatoes all have one thing in common – they are often our go-to favourite foods. However, potatoes have the health advantage as they are an unprocessed carbohydrate! Being natural, fat-free and gluten-free, potatoes top the charts when it comes to balancing health alongside comforting carbohydrates. Just two medium potatoes (with skin) will provide 1/3 of your overall fibre requirement in the day which is essential for having a healthy gut.

What’s also great about potatoes is they can replace other ingredients without compromising on taste. They can be used instead of rice, bread, pasta and noodles by giving a healthy and contemporary twist to these popular plates.

They are not just your bit on the side either. Potatoes are increasingly becoming the ingredient of choice on many of our dinner tables. To showcase the versatility of the potato in its gluten-free glory, we have pulled together a range of recipes for you to feast your eyes on such as our gnocci, noodle and potato pizza dishes.  

Gnocci with Tomato and Basil is a delicious potato-based dish utilising the flavours of the classic pillowy Italian pasta, and is both healthy and hearty. While this Potato crusted Pizza with Gruyère, Carmelised Onions, Rosemary and Thyme is a gluten-free twist on a classic which the blogger behind Farmette created as part of our campaign.

If Italian inspired food isn’t up your street, potatoes can also be used in cooking influenced by Asian cuisine to create stand out gluten-free dishes. Try finely slicing potatoes and substituting them for noodles to make a Potato and Chicken Pad Thai. Likewise, if you can get your hands on a spiraliser try making your own noodle style potatoes and accompany with sticky salmon and pak choi. A Thai Chicken and Potato Curry could be just the ticket to spice up your week night, the chunks of chicken and potatoes help the vibrancy of the spices really stand out, with no need for rice.

Whether you have special dietary needs or just looking to cut down on gluten or processed foods, discover the full range of gluten-free campaign recipes we have created here.

Gluten-free goodness

Did you know potatoes are naturally gluten-free? We recognise that it's an important aspect of some people's diets, so we've selected a range of our favourite gluten-free recipes.

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