How To Use Up Your Christmas Leftovers

How To Use Up Your Christmas Leftovers

Find out how to make the most of your festive flavours using the potato!

Christmas is the spud’s most prosperous time of year, being one of the absolute jewels in the Christmas dinner in its much loved roasted guise. Potatoes are cheap and a particularly handy tool when it comes to the art of cooking up leftovers. They can be used to bulk out a dish full of other leftover ingredients or can be used up in its leftover form itself. Here are some excellent ways to make the most of those festive flavours!

Use the spud for your St Stephen's Day breakfast! Potato hash is a great way of scrunching together a variety of ingredients in one neat and delectable package. Feast your eyes on our Irish Sunday Lunch Leftovers recipe which is easily transferrable to the Christmas dinner too. The method is deliberately left open so you can fill in the gaps yourself with the likes of festive turkey, cranberry, sprouts and pigs in blankets. The enlightening flavours of horseradish and rosemary help give the ingredients a new lease of life. Serve your roast hash up beside an egg – it’s particularly delicious after mingling with the egg yolk.

If you’re looking to create something a bit larger for lunch or dinner, then perhaps our Leftover Lamb Hotpot will do the trick! Again, very easy to create and an absolutely delicious means of using up those lovely Christmas ingredients. In the pot, the flavours are left to mingle beneath a layer of baby potatoes spruced up with rosemary – during the process the potatoes take on the lovely lamb flavours beneath adding a beautiful tasty twist to proceedings.  

If you have any potatoes, parsnips or carrots left, then why not rustle up a makeshift bowl of chips which combines all three? Simply carve out the ingredients into a chip-like shape and rustle them up in a similar style to our oven chips method here. Perhaps you could create a dip out of cranberry sauce or leftover chutney from the after dinner cheese.

Head to our ‘How To’ section to be guided through a number of potato cooking techniques from chips to mashed potato to wedges – all of which could work incredibly well for leftovers. To cook up the perfect roast potato for your Christmas lunch be sure to check out our roast potato crash course which guides you through from spud selection to serving – it’s guaranteed to deliver those crispy outsides and fluffy middles every time.

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There’s not much better out there than a roast potato that strikes the perfect balance between a crispy outside and fluffy, piping hot inside. An essential part of any roast, getting your spuds spot on can make or break the meal so make sure to follow these tips on how to make roast potatoes shine every time.

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