Introducing Our Potato Recipe Inspiration Chatbot

Introducing Our Recipe Inspiration Chatbot

Introducing Our Recipe Inspiration Chatbot!

We've been simmering up a storm over on our 'Potatoes: More Than A Bit On The Side' Facebook page and this month we’re pleased to introduce our first ever Chatbot for all your recipe inspiration needs!

Many of us can fall into a routine with the meals we cook throughout the week but it's good to spruce up your meals with a little inspiration from time to time. Now you can count on Bud the Spud to lend a helping hand whatever your meal requirements might be, whether you're catering to a dinner party or just want some new lunch ideas. 

Bud holds all the inspiration you need using the fantastic variety of potato recipes available right here on Potato.IE. Summer salads, winter warmers and light bites, you name it. 

All you have to do is let Bud know what ingredients you have available in the fridge, or the meal time or occasion you're planning for and he'll get back to you with a range of delicious potato meal ideas!

Head over here to start gathering up some recipe inspiration and introduce yourself to Bud: Meet Bud!

A traditional Swedish potato dish which works well in a number of different styles.

Learn how to make and perfect potato rostis in this fantastic guide taking you through preparation, cooking techniques and serving suggestions. 

Not sure what to cook?

From curries to soups, tray-bakes to one pots, salads to pies, we’ve got over 150 quick, easy and seriously delicious potato recipes ready for you to try!