Pancake Day 2019 - Potato Pancake Recipes

Pancake Day 2019

It’s Pancake Day 2019! Get your batter and your frying pans ready for Tuesday 5th March!

This especially indulgent day symbolises the start of Lent which finds many of us trying (and most often failing) to give up a luxury for the 40 days leading up to Easter.  The tradition of using this particular food began when Anglo-Saxon Christians used to cook up pancakes as a means to use up their fats and eggs before the fasting period. These Christians would then head to confession to seek forgiveness for their sins, otherwise known as being ‘shriven’ which is the origin of the name 'Shrove Tuesday'.  

Many of you may be wondering what the connection could possibly be between pancakes and the potato. Well, the spud is actually a fantastic ingredient when it comes to making savoury pancakes. Savoury pancakes are a superb and delicious alternative to the classic sweet flavours of sugar, lemon and chocolate. Check out the following recipes and topping ideas.

Danish Potato Pancakes with Asparagus Recipe

This delicious recipe finds the delectable base of pancakes accompanied by fresh flavours including smoked salmon steaks, asparagus and dill. The potato is the main feature bringing all these flavours together with the help of crème fraiche – get yourself a rooster potato and get ready to cube and scatter amongst this delicious mixture of ingredients. It’s a simple, effective and unlikely combination which is what makes this particular potato recipe so enjoyable – it’s not something you can stumble upon easily.

Take a look at these other recipes from the Potatoe.IE archive which has the potential to make delicious toppings for your pancakes.

Patatas Bravas With Chorizo In Red Wine Sauce

This classic tapas potato dish could work wonders atop a fresh serving of pancake. Allow the tomato and irresistible chorizo infused with red wine to play with the flavours stirring in the fresh and hearty pancake base.

Turkey Bubble and Squeak with Crisp Ham Shards

Pancakes are a great addition to your ‘morning after the night before’ leftover dish. The great thing about this bubble and squeak dish is that the ingredients can be swapped and switched around, you don’t have to use turkey as the main meat – it could be anything.

And who’s to say perhaps after a savoury pancake, you might still have room for a traditional desert-based pancake! Nobody’s judging – well, until the next day at least! Happy flipping folks!

Who said healthy eating is hard?

Potatoes can be part of your healthful diet plan, especially when eaten with the skin on. They’re a source of fibre and potassium, and are naturally fat free. Indulge guilt-free with these delicious, simple and modern potato recipes featuring important nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.

Hitting the perfect spot between fries and roast potatoes, wedges are a great accompanying dish to a main meal but also works on its own as a fulfilling portion of taste and spud satisfaction. The key notes to hit when cooking up wedges is a good standard of softness and crispiness at the same time. Achieve this with the following hints and tips on spud greatness!