Potato World Records

Irish Potatoes- World Records

These days, there’s a world record for everything – from the longest time stood on a chair to bungee jumping from the highest peaks in the world, getting a coveted spot in the record books is an honour that many have tried their hand at.

It got us wondering; if everything has a world record, surely potatoes have had their time in the sun? And we were right! Spuds world records have made headlines quite a few times, so let’s take a look at some of the best, taken from the Guinness World Records collection.

The world’s heaviest potato

A fair few people have claimed that their potato is the biggest in the world, but only a handful have been officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records.  In September 2010, Peter Glazebrook from Nottinghamshire grew a titanic-sized potato that checked in at just under 4 kg, putting his spud in the top spot. But Peter is no stranger to vast veggies, and currently holds the record for the heaviest parsnip and the longest beetroot. We can’t help but wonder what he’s putting in that soil?!

Most mash munched in 30 seconds

We love mash as much as the next person, some might say even a bit more, but we can’t help wondering why anyone would attempt this record. In 2014 a fellow named André Ortolf in Germany decided he would see how much mash he could grub in 30 seconds. Impressively, he managed to get through an extraordinary 348g in that time, a record he still holds today. We don’t know if anybody will try and top that, but if they do they might want to get the lumps out first.

Most potatoes mashed

Another marvellous mash record was achieved in 2015 by the rightly-named ‘potato posse’, who tasked themselves with making the largest serving of mashed potatoes at Binghamton University, New York. A mammoth 2,641 pounds of mashed potatoes was served after only 10 hours of washing, peeling, boiling and mashing, beating the record set by two French men in 2012. Now all we need is a few bangers!

Largest potato salad

Who loves potato salad?  A food manufacturer in Latvia, apparently, who served up a potato salad that weighed a colossal 3,266 tonnes, made up of more than 500kg of mayonnaise, 940 kg of boiled potatoes and 6000 boiled eggs, among other ridiculously large quantities of ingredients. One thing is for sure, that would make for one epic picnic. 

A few honourable mentions

  • ‘Most potatoes carried between the knees in three minutes’ was achieved by a UK team in Spain, 2010 – they managed  45!
  • ‘Largest potato dumpling’ was created by Ablig Feinfrost, and weighed a massive 365 kg.
  • ‘Largest serving of baked potatoes’ was achieved in Peru, plating up 1,716.6kg of oven-fresh spuds.
  • ‘Largest display of potato varieties’ was put together in Edinburgh, UK, showing off 667 different varieties of spuds.

Looks like a lot of people are making their mark with spuds! Could you be next? 

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