Potato Nutrition: Potatoes For Energy

Potatoes For Energy

Deconstructing how the potato can play an integral role in fitness-conscious diets...

With the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon coming up fast we thought we'd break down the nutritional qualities of the potato to see how the ingredient can play an integral role in a fitness-conscious diet.  

Runners require a healthy dose of carbohydrates for optimum lasting energy. Carbs offer a suitable boost of energy for this style of exercise due to their role in providing glycogen to various muscles; glycogen is utilised in the process of a workout, it’s what the body reaches for when it requires energy. Many look towards pasta to gain this energy, however it is equally, if not more efficient in the form of potatoes.

Due to the spud’s denser and more complex nutritional contents, it is a far more superior ingredient to place into your diet. 1 medium potato offers up 37g of carbohydrates. Spuds have the potential to be great foods for exercise, however, due to the wide consumption of potatoes under fried or fattening cooking techniques they are not commonly associated with this style of food. In their raw form, they are miles away from this perception with a huge dose of fibre, potassium, folate, magnesium and copper & zinc cemented into its skins. 

Potatoes are a great way to replenish your body after a workout session especially in the company of protein foods which would greatly assist the repair of your muscle fibres after your workout. This repairing process is a key contribution to the physical changes fitness can bring about which is why diets considerate to exercise are so important when taking on a workout routine – you must fuel and repair the muscle fibres broken down in the exercise routine.

Due to the potato’s incredible versatility, there are plenty of ways you can add the beautiful ingredient to a variety of dishes. Find some for yourself in our healthy recipes section, here are a few of our favourites below:

Potato Salad with Beetroot

This recipe finds baby potatoes in the company of beetroot and watercress which are brought together by a mix of low fat crème fraiche, mustard and lemon flavours. Perfect for the work lunchbox or to consume as a little quick fix before or after a workout.

Potato Tuna Cakes

These delectable potato tuna cakes are a great way to use up leftover ingredients, combine creamy mash potato with spring onions, tuna and a handful of other flavours. It’s a delicious and filling combination which acts as a full and wholesome meal in itself.

Thai Beef and Potato Salad

An amazing creation which is perfect for your fitness-conscious lifestyle - the presence of the nutritious potato and protein-packed beef is the ideal exercise-ready dish. The great thing is, it tastes amazing too! The presence of spicy flavours and a dash of soy sauce really sends this dish to new heights.

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Gluten-free goodness

Did you know potatoes are naturally gluten-free? We recognise that it's an important aspect of some people's diets, so we've selected a range of our favourite gluten-free recipes.

As far as cooking skills go, boiling potatoes is not perhaps the most adventurous, but what they lack in glamour they more than make up for in versatility and usefulness! Whether you’re boiling some up for a salad or serving as a simple side-dish with garlic butter, you’ll want to make sure you get them just right!