Summer Potato Recipes 2018

Summer Potato Recipes 2018

Here are our favourite potato recipe picks for the summer!

It’s that beautiful time of year again! The sun’s beating down and we have lovely long evenings to enjoy with family and friends, and with that perfect combination comes a range of opportunities to cook up some beautiful food whether it be at BBQs, picnics or gatherings. We’ve selected 5 of our most delicious summer potato recipes to share with you so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your garden or bring as a tasty contribution to a summer party you’re attending.

Spuds bring compelling flavours and textures to the table in a number of different ways, they’re especially delicious in the context of lighter summer meals such as salads and stir-frys. Summer is also a time where people keep a stricter eye on their diet. Potatoes are a valuable addition to healthy meals due to their nutritional properties which you can read more about on our health and nutrition page.

Here are our 5 top summer recipes!

Sensational Summer Salad

Our Sensational Summer Salad contains a deliciously fragrant range of fresh ingredients. Lettuce, peas and runner beans form a light base to this dish, the addition of potatoes, parma ham and mozzarella helps to bring some wonderful complementary flavours to the table. This recipe also demonstrates how to make a dressing from olive oil, dijon mustard and lemon juice which really helps to bring the salad to life.    

Tornado Twister Potatoes with Zingy Lime Mayonnaise

This inventive potato recipe is presented in a rustic BBQ style and is perfect for the summer time. You’ll need to get a little artistic for this dish, our recipe and accompanying video demonstrates how to carve the spud on a skewer in order to get that twister effect. After the handy work it’s a simple job for the oven! Whilst this is cooking, you’ll have time to rustle up the accompanying zesty dip so you can enjoy the potato bites to their full potential.


Vietnamese Beef Potato Salad

This potato salad is put under a little Asian influence with a tasty dressing made up of honey, fish sauce and chilli which is the perfect partner to the mixture of fillet steak, rooster potatoes and explosion of fresh veg mingling in the dish. This is a speedy dish to serve up, once the potatoes are cooked up and after a quick sear of the steak, it’s a matter of shaking these ingredients all together so all of the delectable flavours can meld.

Spanish Chicken Chorizo and Potato One-Pot

The beauty of a one-pot is the mix of low maintenance preparation and deliciously impressive results. Potatoes are a staple ingredient in Spanish cuisine especially in tapas food, and here it comes into its own as it settles into a spicy mix of chorizo and smoked paprika. The juices from the chicken thighs spread to the surrounding ingredients which when cooked together injects a spruce of flavour to the potatoes, kale and red onions. After a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds and a squirt of lemon, you’re set to go!  


Chinese Pepper Steak Potato Stir-Fry

A scrumptious recipe of three tasty parts! Our method guides you through the process of concocting a rich, sweet steak marinade which you’ll need to set your beef chunks in before cooking. After blitzing the marinated meat, veg and potatoes in a wok, you’ll need to make some pepper sauce so you can layer the flavoursome mixture over the top to bring that steak to new flavoursome heights. This is another easy dish to add to your repertoire this summer.

Like the look of these dishes? Well we have plenty more potato recipe ideas simmering over in our summer recipes section.       

Summer recipes

With the sun shining and the weather getting warmer, we've put together a selection of our tastiest Summer recipes. From salads to stir-frys, you're sure to find a potato dish perfect for every occasion this season.


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