How to boil potatoes

How to boil potatoes

There are many delicious ways of cooking up your spuds but boiled potatoes are one of the best. Here’s how to get them cooked perfectly every time.

Boiled potatoes can be used in a huge range of dishes whether you’re using them as a side dish with a bit of garlic butter drizzled over the top or in the midst of a creamy potato salad. There really isn’t any other easier method for preparing your potatoes.

Boiling potatoes is far from a complex affair but here are a few things you may want to bear in mind to get the texture and taste just right.

Which potato variety should I use?

Boiled potatoes can be consumed as they are but often they are a key part to the preparation process when it comes to roast potatoes and mashed potatoes. If you’re going to mash them Roosters and Maris Pipers will be your best shot. Alternatively, if you’re thinking of frying them up then you really can’t go wrong with Golden Wonders or Queens.

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Prep ‘em!

Start by giving your potatoes a good rinse under the tap to wash away any dirt you can spot. Inspect the spud for any blemishes (dark spots or green spots) and cut them away if necessary. Some people prefer to peel the skins off before cooking but we recommend you leave the skins intact to preserve the nutrients, vitamins and flavour which would be lost in the boiling process. If you’re precious for time, try cutting up the spuds to reduce the overall cooking time. When doing this ensure they are equal size so they are ready at the same time.

Boil ‘em up

Let’s see – so you’ve washed your potatoes and they’re ready. Time to get them on the boil! Ensure you use place them in cold water and bring it to the boil instead of plunging them directly into boiling water. This takes a little longer but this ensures that the centre of the spud cooks in harmony with the outsides – this makes for a better consistency and texture.

Cubed spuds will take about 15 minutes to cook up fully and larger chunks will be around 20-25 minutes. You can check they’re done but piercing one of the chunks with a knife – if it is soft and cuts through easily then they’re ready.

Draining & Inspiration

Make sure you drain your boiled potatoes immediately to prevent them from becoming too soggy. If you’ve followed all the above instructions you should have your boiled potatoes cooked to perfection.

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