How to make potato gnocchi

How to make potato gnocchi

Learn how to make potato gnocchi in this easy-to-follow method.

Potato Gnocchi is a fundamental ingredient in Italian cuisine forming the base for a number of delicious dishes. But what is gnocchi? How do you make it? This ‘how to’ page takes you through the process of making homemade gnocchi – learn some tips and tricks right here.

Pick the right spud…

Yukon Gold potatoes tend to offer the best flavour for potato gnocchi – Italian cooks who invented gnocchi used potatoes with yellow-flesh when mastering their method which also held a nutty taste; Yukon Gold potatoes the closest resemblance of these original spuds.

Prep ‘em!

You’ll need some flour, salt, an egg, a potato ricer and, of course, your trusty Yukon Gold potato to make your beautiful potato gnocchi. You’ll need about half-a-cup of flour for every potato you use.

You need to start by making your potatoes more malleable. Put your spuds on the boil for around 20 minutes with the skins on. You’ll be able to tell they’re ready when the potatoes are tender – test the consistency with a fork before continuing. You need to catch them at the perfect time – too moist and mushy and they’ll be unusable!

Peel the boiled potatoes and put them through the potato ricer.

Get Messy

Scatter the flour on top of the riced potato and sprinkle with salt. Create a ditch in the middle of the mixture and break an egg into it before beating with a fork. Now it’s time to get messy! Pull the ingredients together with your hands until it forms an airy dough.

Mould ‘em!

Cut the dough into chunks and roll into a thin sausage shape. At an angle cut these into 1-inch diamond-shaped pieces. From here you can shape the potato gnocchi pieces into any way you like – experiment with shapes and get arty!

To cook…

To cook your potato gnocchi, place them in a pan of boiling water. Add a pinch of salt to the water for taste.


You can experiment with all kinds of flavours when creating potato gnocchi – add cheese to the equation or chilli for a spice kick – there’s a tonne of ways to enjoy gnocchi. 

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