How to make potato pancakes

How to make potato pancakes

Learn how to make potato pancakes in this easy-to-follow method.

Did you know you can use potatoes to make pancakes? Pancakes are usually made with flour, milk and eggs, however the addition of potato in this delicious mixture can make for  a fantastic base for your savoury pancakes.

Mash your spuds

You need to mash your potatoes so it can mix in nicely with the surrounding ingredients in the pancake batter. To do this you need smooth potatoes which can be found in the Maris Piper or Desiree variety. For this part, head over to our ‘how to make mashed potatoes’ page.

Alternatively, this is a perfect opportunity to use any leftover mash you may have lying around after Sunday dinner.

Create the mix

You need to mix the mash potatoes with flour, egg and salt along with any other ingredients of your choosing. Garlic, chilli, paprika – you name it! After mixing this together you should be left with a smooth, creamy mixture which is a little thicker than your usual batter – you don’t want it to be too thin!

Fry ‘n’ Flip ‘em!

Drizzle some oil onto a frying pan – when it starts simmering pour your mixture into it. Twist the pan so the entire surface is covered, when the mix begins to settle flip the pancake until both sides are a golden colour.

Topping Time

Now that your potato pancakes are cooked, you can either eat them by themselves or pile on your favourite toppings – it’s delicious either way! The pancakes tend to sit a little better with savoury toppings over sweet. Check out our version of potato pancakes with smashed avocado & smoked salmon for a delicious example!

So there you have it! A delicious potato pancake recipe to rustle up in all variations.

Whether they are served up with sausages or mixed up with cheese and spinach, mashed potatoes are a spud staple that are super versatile and delicious.

As far as cooking skills go, boiling potatoes is not perhaps the most adventurous, but what they lack in glamour they more than make up for in versatility and usefulness! Whether you’re boiling some up for a salad or serving as a simple side-dish with garlic butter, you’ll want to make sure you get them just right!