Potato Recipes

Our top ten newest potato recipes

New potato recipes

We’re abuzz with recipe ideas, and we’re excited to share and upload new potato recipes with you frequently. Tuck into this section to grab some amazing inspiration shaped by a whole variety of meal types, cuisines and size. You’ll find everything from comfort food to quick fixes to healthy and hearty dinners. Be sure to keep checking back to grab a peek of our latest creations!

homemade potato recipes home favourites

There’s nothing quite like a warming home comfort dish - always the thawing saviour at the end of a bad day. With easy-to-follow methods and an impressive outcome, these home comfort recipes are waiting to be whipped up in no time at all. Whether you find your comfort in the warmth of a casserole or in the dip of a chip, you’ll be sure to find something for you!


budget potato recipes cost effective and convenient

Selecting your meals wisely can be an incredibly effective money saver. fortunately, these budget recipes provide you with the tools to match max taste without compromising money. Potatoes are an ideal ingredient for those saving being incredibly cheap, versatile and pumped full of different nutritional benefits. Perfect for big families and students – get involved below.

potato recipe treats for special occasions

Have an occasion coming up and stuck for ideas? Well, not to worry for we have conjured up a variety of recipes for occasions which tick the boxes for both quality and quantity. The following creations are ideal for keeping guests happy and full for weddings, parties and events. Filling, completely delicious and fun!

quick and fast potato recipes when short on time

Many of us find ourselves up against the clock with a vast majority of us skipping meals as a compromise to the busy schedules of the modern world. An empty stomach is not the ideal outcome, it will pull down energy levels and with that productivity. Luckily, these recipes are friendly to your schedule whilst providing top nutrition and flavour, the perfect tool for a relaxing evening or a speedy morning fix.

healthy potato recipes with dietary benefits

Potatoes are a nutritious gem full of various essentials such as magnesium, calcium, carbs and potassium. Potatoes bring about a fantastic healthy uplift to every meal and are perfect for those looking to keep a balanced diet. Compiled below, is a whole heap of recipes packed in with dense nutrition to set you up for a healthy mind and body, from soups to bakes, there’s something to suit everybody.

healthy vegetarian potato recipes

Potato’s starchy and nutritional character is the perfect base to any vegetarian dish; they blend perfectly with greens providing a rich array of potassium, calcium and magnesium. Potatoes are a great addition to the veggie mix, holding an incredible consistency which is easily complimented by an array of flavours. Get stuck into our vegetarian recipes and discover a whole range of new inspirational dishes.   

Brunch recipes

Too late for breakfast but not ready for lunch? We've got you covered with these seriously tasty brunch recipes. Packed full of potato goodness, these dishes are perfect for lazy mornings with loved ones or entertaining your friends.