Sensational Summer Salad Recipe

Sensational Summer Salad Recipe
Prep in Prep in:
15 mins
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15 mins
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This summer recipe is packed full of fresh ingredients making for a delicious explosion of flavours. Mozzarella, beans, potatoes and parma ham are balanced with mustard, a spritz of lemon and fresh mint which all contribute to the light, delectable flavours perfect for the summertime.  


Cook the potatoes in salted boiling water until tender, 10 minutes or so. Drain and leave to cool whilst you prepare the other ingredients.

Now bring a small saucepan of water to the boil, add the runner beans and broad beans and cook for 3 minutes, add the peas and cook for a further 2 minutes, drain into the colander with the potatoes.

Make the dressing by simply mixing the olive oil, lemon and Dijon mustard, season with salt and milled pepper. Take a bowl and toss the potatoes and vegetables in the dressing.

Take a large platter plate, cut the baby gem into quarters and arrange onto the plate. Scatter over the vegetables. Tear the mozzarella over the salad and do the same with the Parma ham. Finally sprinkle over the mint and pour over any remaining dressing and serve.

If you don’t want to use Parma ham, then deli ham works just as well. 
Other vegetables that be used are, courgettes, green beans, asparagus.

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100g Queens potatoes, 2cm cubed (or baby/new season potatoes, halved)

2 heads of baby gem lettuce (or any leafy lettuce)

30g peas, these can be frozen

30 broad beans, these can be frozen

2 runner beans, sliced

1 mozzarella ball (125g)

4 slices of Parma ham (or sliced ham if preferred)

1tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Juice of ½ lemon

½ tsp Dijon mustard

5 sprigs fresh mint