New Season, New Potatoes: Queens are back on the menu in time for summer!

New Season, New Potatoes: Queens are back on the menu in time for summer!

Potatoes go hand in hand with healthy eating for adults and children alike!

New season potatoes will start appearing on shopping lists and menus this week, as the first Queens crop of the year is harvested!

The summery-taste of Queens is one that brings back great childhood memories for lots of Irish people – but not only are they scrumptious, Aoife Hearne explains that they make up a healthy diet regardless of your age.

Aoife insists that myths around potatoes being fattening just aren’t true, and in fact, they provide Irish people with a very important source of carbohydrates, essential for our bodies and particularly for brain function.

Not only this, but their soft and fluffy nature means that potatoes can be a great first food for babies when they start to explore the world of solid foods, after they reach six months of age. Aoife suggests trying steamed potato fingers, as they are easy to eat, tasty and packed full of potassium, fibre, vitamin C and a variety of B vitamins – all great for development.

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