Autumn 2017: Seasonal Potato Recipes

Autumn 2017: Seasonal Potato Recipes

Here are some wonderful warming Autumnal potato recipes for you to enjoy this season.

Brr…it’s getting to that time of year! It’s colder, the old coats are out and Christmas is on the horizon. This is the home-comfort season – warming dishes and soups to accompany those cosy days in. We’ve rounded up our favourite Autumnal recipes using in-season fruit and vegetables! So, if you want some stunning potato recipes full of warmth and beautiful flavours to add to your recipe arsenal, then keep scrolling below!

Broccoli, Stilton & Apple Potato Ramekins

This is a unique, bitesize dish - small in size but packed full of delicious, complementary flavours. The chunks of Broccoli, apple and potatoes are brought together by an incredible creamy mixture that has a dreamy consistency. With the fruity tones and stilton mingling in the mix, this is a truly unique and toasty recipe to enjoy this Autumn season.

Autumnal Butternut Soup Recipe

It looks great, it tastes amazing and it’s full of delicious Autumnal flavours! The use of pumpkin and squash brings about the beautiful orange colour in the broth – the use of these vegetables also allows a lovely creamy consistency to surface. It's simple in design and in method but is impressive in presentation and taste! 

Greek Potato and Chicken Parcels with Pomegranate, Spinach and Sumac

Pomegranate is one of the many fruit and veg in season throughout November. This recipe is a wonderful creation tying together wonderful ingredients to complement the stunning filling - pomegranate melds together with chicken, sumac and the soft chunks of baby new potatoes. All of these beautiful tastes are tied up into a gentle filo pastry - delicious! 

Potato Skins with Bacon and Cabbage

Cabbage is another veg in season throughout November. Experience the wonderful flavours of cabbage in these crispy potato skins which features a fluffy, soft and creamy filling spruced up with the addition of sour cream, cheese and bacon.  

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With the nights drawing in and the weather getting cooler, why not ease yourself into Autumn with a selection of our tastiest recipes. From soups to bakes, we've got the perfect potato dish for any occasion this season.