How to make potato rostis

How to make potato rostis

Learn how to make and perfect potato rostis in this fantastic guide taking you through preparation, cooking techniques and serving suggestions.

Simple in design, packed with stunning flavour and delectable textures, what more could you want? The potato rosti is a method of Swiss origin and is commonly regarded as their national dish even though it is now consumed the world over in a range of different cuisines and styles. This fact really highlights the versatility of the dish. Potato rostis are crispy on the outside and smooth at the centre, a difficult alchemy which we can help you to perfect in this guide!

Parboil your potatoes

 You’ll need a waxy potato to perfect the potato rosti. You’ll need to parboil them until they are tender – you don’t want them to be soft at this point!

Grate and collate!

Grate your spuds into a clean tea towel and drain any excess water. Mix the gratings in with an egg yolk and a dash of salt and pepper. You’ll then need to scoop the mixture onto a surface where you can mould them into a disc shape, with about 500g of potatoes you should be able to make 4.

Fry ‘em up

Get some sunflower oil heated up in a frying pan over a medium heat and place the dishes onto the pan. Fry them for about 4 minutes on each side or until they’re golden in colour on both sides.

Serve ‘em

Like the spud itself, rostis work well in a number of dishes – simple breakfast ingredients such as egg, bacon and beans are a treat or you could serve them up in Indian style! We have several potato rosti recipes right here on Potato IE. Check out the video and delicious recipes below:

Potato Rosti with asparagus and poached egg

Indian Spiced Rosti with haddock and poached egg

Leftover roast lunch hash


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